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Terms and Conditions for sale

The Terms and Conditions for sale apply to all deliveries from SoloEbay Limited (, 152 – 160, City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, to the customers purchasing products via or a third party.

  1. Conclusion of contracts

    SoloEbay Limited reserves all the rights to claim if any prices or text have been misprinted on the website. You automatically agree to a final binding agreement when you have finalized your order and it has been accepted by will send an order confirmation by email to inform you about your order and that is has been accepted and ready for shipment. Please note, that the order receipt received immediately after submitting the online order, does not guarantee the order confirmation. You are only allowed to purchase at the for personal use only and not for commercial use.

  2. Prices and payment

    All prices stated are inclusive UK / India VAT / GST / TAX or with other charges. The placed price is the one stated on, with the product on the date of the placing the order. 

All recipients must pay any customs or import duties, if charged, once the order reaches its country destination. SoloEbay Limited does not have control over these charges and cannot predict the extra cost. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. You may want to contact your local customs office for further information. All orders are sent from UK / India.

@ we reserve all the rights to amend prices, fees and/or other costs stated on at any time e.g. due to changes in VAT-rates, other public fees or charges, increase in cost levels, or as a result of an unusual development in retail prices.

  1. Delivery

    @, we reserve the rights to exclude a person from purchasing via the website. Furthermore, has no obligation to deliver goods, which are out of stock.

Your order will be shipped from our partner warehouse within 3-7 working days after accepted orders. All products will be shipped via the partner assigned delivery operators. Delivery times outside of them may vary from 15-40 Days.

All the orders from are eligible free delivery. For more information about our paid delivery service, please contact us with the item details before your purchase.

  1. Right of withdrawal

    You have the right to withdraw from the accepted contract pursuant to legislation on distance contracts.

Right of cancellation

The right of cancellation at our website is 14 days. You have, as an online customer, 14 days to inform us that you want to withdraw from the day you have received the purchase, and then 14 days to return it to the partner warehouses, according to the Consumer Contracts.

As a general rule this period is calculated as from the date when you received the goods or the first delivery date.

You have the right to receive certain information, including information on the right of withdrawal and on the good purchased. The right of cancellation will not begin until you have received the information in writing (for example by letter or email). However, the time period expires no later than three months after the date that the product was received.

In the event that the time period expires on a public holiday or weekend, you may withdraw from the contract on the following weekday.

How do you withdraw from the contract?

You must return the product to the partner warehouse, before the expiration date for cancellation (14 days). To withdraw from the contract, you must advise us before the sales expiration date and send the product to return. When you have sent the product to return, it is the post office or the other transport services that will handle the dispatch and shipment. If you wish to retain proof that you have withdrawn from the contract before the cancellation time period, please keep your receipt from the post office or from other transport services, to provide proof of the dispatch date. 

Unless otherwise agreed, you must pay the postage or freight costs incidental to return the product. If, according to the contract, has made a new replacement delivery date, due to the circumstance that the relevant product could not be delivered in its entirety, the costs incidental to the return of the goods must be paid by the partner network.

You will also be withdrawn from the contract by not receiving the product or failing to pick up the parcel at the post office.

Conditions for withdrawal from the contract

You must return the products in the same condition and quantity as delivered. If there is significant decrease value of the product, we will not be able to make a full refund.

  1. Notification in case of non-conformity of goods

    If any errors or defects in the product are detected, when received, you must claim it within a reasonable time period (24 Hrs). In all cases, you must provide notice of any lack of conformity of purchases.

  2. Liability

    @, we are not liable for delays or for non-performance due to force majeure. For as long as a force majeure situation persists, SoloEbay Limited is relieved from performance of its obligations.

SoloEbay Limited’s liability for any and all claims, including damages is in any circumstances, except in case of unlawful intent or gross negligence, and in addition to the above, limited to an amount equal to the price of the good purchased by the customer relating to the dispute. The aforesaid monetary limitation applies irrespective of the basis here of and includes claims based on acts of negligence, strict liability, breach of warranties, penalties, liquidated damages and/or punitive damages.

SoloEbay Limited assumes product liability in relation to consumers under applicable law without restrictions.